Blog: Extra Profit Tips for Fast Lube Stores


There is a parts store near my fast lube shop. When I need an OEM Drain Plug or a PCV Valve, I send one of my Lube Techs to get it. It usually takes less than 30 minutes for him to return with the part. Why tie up my cash in a Drain Plug Assortment, a Gasket Assortment, a PCV Valve Assortment and a Wire Terminal Connector Assortment?

Answer: Each time your Lube Tech stops working on a vehicle to go to the parts store you continue paying his salary (for non productive work), you pay gas money, you run the risk that the parts store will not have what you need and the tech has to make multiple stops, you pay 2 to 4 times the price for the part at the parts store, you have an unhappy customer in your store waiting over an hour for a 30 minute oil change, your next customer doesn't get into the service bay and is also unhappy.

By purchasing a comprehensive Drain Plug Assortment, a Gasket Assortment, a PCV Valve Assortment, a Wire Terminal Connector Assortment you are actually saving money and time. If you purchase from a reliable supplier, all of the parts in the assortments will eventually be needed, and each time you use one you will be saving time and money, and will be keeping your customer happy with fast, efficient service. Assortments are not sold as a one time sale. The company selling the assortments wants to refill the items as you use them......that is how they continue to stay in business. Most reputable parts suppliers will sell you assortments that contain ONLY the parts that they are sure you are going to need, use, and re order.

Search for a reliable supplier and see what their assortments look like. Some suppliers, such as LDR, will even let you select and create your assortments to fit your particular area needs. You will be making your store more efficient and more profitable.

Click on the LDR Master Drain Plug & Gasket Assortment and the LDR Drain Plugs Section, to see how we can save you time and money.  Nut and Bolt Assortments  (American & Metric)  are also available.



What is the easiest, surest and most profitable way to increase revenue at your store?

The customer in your service bay right now, getting his or her oil changed probably NEEDS some other services.

Are you going to offer to do them or are you going to let him leave with a potential problem on the horizon?

Have you taught your service personnel to check every vehicle for NEEDED add-ons?

Each time a vehicle is brought into your store for an oil change the service tech should examine: the PCV Valve, the Crank Case Breather Element, The Air Filter, the Windshield Wiper Blades, the easily visible Hoses and Hose Clamps, etc. This should be standard for every oil change.

Letting your customer know that some of the equipment on his vehicle needs replacement IS NOT a is a part of the excellent service and care you are offering. Ignoring equipment that might need changing is a disservice to your customer and may cause him problems in the future, which he may correctly blame on you.

Upgrading a $26.99 oil change into a $50.00 or $60.00 total ticket helps your business, and if done fairly and honorably, helps your customer and makes him feel safe AND grateful to you. WIN. WIN.


The Fast Lube Store Industry has grown because of the mistakes made by the gas stations and new car dealers that used to handle almost all of this business.

How can Fast Lube Stores get even more of this business?

More than half of the people bringing their cars in for oil changes are women, and many of these women are accompanied by small children.

What are these women looking for?

1. Clean and neat outside  of the facility.
2. Clean and neat waiting room and bathrooms.
3. Clean and neat small play area for their children with permanent toys (small metal tube structure with moving beads, etc......inexpensive children's story books, which can be purchased for 50 cents to a dollar at thrift shops or used book stores and are STAMPED with your company name, address and phone number.  As they are taken, continue to replace them..always have 5 or 6 available for reading,)
4. Clean, neat and POLITE Greeter/Manager/Counter Person to take their order and answer their questions.
5. Large posted sign with main services and prices.

The above suggestions will attract and keep new women customers, will encourage them to recommend you to their friends...and will not make your men customers unhappy.

Check this area regularly for new suggestions to help your business grow.